An uplifting environment

The new centre will be designed with the patients’ needs in mind and will focus on the care of the whole person and not just the medical condition.

While there is a strong need for functionality within the building, it is recognised that an uplifting environment is also important. The appearance and feeling of light and space throughout is considered essential, and as such, consideration will be given to the design of the centre to help reduce stress and anxiety and connect patients to nature by:

  • Increasing the space for individual chemotherapy treatment areas, many with external views

  • Providing flexible spaces for the delivery of a full supportive care programme throughout the centre, with ease of access from all clinical areas

  • Creating feelings of peace, hope, reflection and providing opportunities for relaxation, education and humour

  • Developing a landscaped area

  • Providing calming water features

  • Providing artwork to complement the building

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