• Enhancing the care and support for patients and their families

  • Designed with the patients’ needs in mind

  • Integrated access to comprehensive services

We need your help

Help us to create a cancer treatment centre of unique excellence for everyone

Raising £5million

Ark Cancer Centre Charity is raising £5million towards a cancer treatment centre, to be built by Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Our involvement will ensure the provision of a range of complementary and support therapies in one inspirational building that will offer a therapeutic, healing environment.

Chemotherapy treatment is already available in Basingstoke and Winchester, and while radiotherapy is now available in Basingstoke, most patients still have to travel to Southampton or Guildford for their treatment. This can mean a journey every day for up to six weeks when patients are feeling unwell and vulnerable.

Our approach will be to ensure a seamless model of holistic care is possible with supportive care and complementary therapies available alongside chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments in one unique local cancer centre.