Waitrose and John Lewis at Home

We are delighted to have been selected as one of the three charities to be supported by the Community Matters schemeLast Thursday, representatives from Ark Cancer Centre Charity were delighted to be involved in the launch of John Lewis at home and Waitrose in Basingstoke.

Ark Cancer Centre Charity is proud to be one of the first charities to be chosen to benefit from the Community Matters local charitable giving scheme at the landmark combined store on Basing View.

The John Lewis scheme will see £3,000 split between three local charities every three months. For Waitrose, £1,000 will be divided between three charities each month.

The Community Matters scheme allows customers to decide which charity they would like to support by voting at the shop with a token, which is handed out to customers with each purchase. At the end of each round of voting, John Lewis and Waitrose split the donation between three charities according to the proportion of the customer vote each receives. 

"Ark Cancer Centre Charity is delighted to be one of the first three charities to take part in the first Community Matters scheme in both Waitrose and John Lewis at home in Basingstoke, and we are grateful to all the shoppers who show their support for the charity by putting their green tokens in our charity’s collection boxes."