Volunteer Debbie is an Ark star

Every charity needs help from people who will step up and give a helping hand at events - and Basingstoke businesswoman Debbie Loveridge is a great volunteer supporter of Ark Cancer Centre Charity.

Debbie, who runs Perpetual Flowers, has helped out at all sorts of events in recent years (she is pictured above right with fellow Ark supporter Sharon Allen) - and today she steps in front of the camera as our latest Ark video star.

We hope Debbie's words, like those of our other Ark supporters, inspire even more people to raise funds for, and awareness of, the charity's £5million appeal to help fund the new NHS cancer treatment centre in Basingstoke. 

Ark is grateful to Ark supporter Paul Friend and his team at Face TV for producing the videos that are at the heart of our new video/text campaign.

Thanks to all of our Ark video stars - and remember that just like them, you too can make a difference and can help to make this much-needed cancer treatment centre happen.

You can watch Debbie's video at https://youtu.be/zYvKRrVzv2Y