Token support Really Adds Up

The support of shoppers at Waitrose and John Lewis at home in Basingstoke has delivered a great boost to the charity.

Ark Cancer Centre Charity was proud to be one of the first charities to be chosen to benefit from the Community Matters local charitable giving scheme at the combined Waitrose and John Lewis at Home store in Basing View.

The John Lewis scheme sees £3,000 split between three local charities every three months. For Waitrose, £1,000 is divided between three charities each month. It allows customers to decide which charity they would like to support by voting at the shop with a token,handed out with each purchase. At the end of each round of voting, the money is split according to the proportion of the customer vote each charity receives.

Ark Cancer Centre Charity is delighted to have been awarded a total of £1,922 after it was the most popular choice of shoppers in Waitrose during December and at John Lewis at Home during November, December and January.

Mark Jones, Ark Cancer Centre Charity director of fundraising and communications, was presented with a cheque by Ali Gilbert and Jamie Rodgers, the respective managers of John Lewis at Home and Waitrose Basingstoke. The donation comes on top of the £530 the charity received for being the first choice of Waitrose customers in the Community Matters scheme in November.

Mark said: “The Ark Cancer Centre Charity team are delighted, and grateful, that customers in Waitrose Basingstoke and John Lewis at home have backed the charity by choosing it to be the main beneficiary of the inaugural Community Matters schemes in the new combined store. Thank you to all the shoppers who supported the charity by putting their tokens into the collection boxes during November, December and January. We are delighted that the charity received such a great show of support."

Community Matters is part of John Lewis Partnership’s ongoing commitment to support the communities in which it operates, aiming to engage customers, partners and suppliers to make a lasting change.