They ride again! Bath & Back June 2022

t may be two years later than planned, but they are back in the game – and in June 2022, The Ark Riders will be cycling from Basingstoke to Bath to raise money for the Camrose Centre in Basingstoke.

They are undertaking quite a challenge – 160 miles over two days, with a social evening sandwiched in the middle. With a donation via the rider entry fee and any additional money that is raised, we are hoping to donate in the region of £10,000 during 2022.of which  £1,200 will be donated to Ark Cancer Centre Charity – their main charity, who they have supported so many times over the past few years. – and all other money raised will be donated to the Camrose Centre.

You will need to be able to cycle the distances as this is an amateur event run by volunteers and we can’t carry people who can’t do the mileage. You’ll need a roadworthy bike of course, and speeds will need to be a minimum of 12-13 miles per hour. Apart from that, this ride is open to anyone over the age of 18.

You will need to sign a waiver, and preferably organise your own insurance. They can help with that – it’s about £40 for a year. 

Above all, Arkrider rides are fun and inclusive so you should also be up for helping the people around you. They are not speed demons, Arkriders is more than just the cycling.

You will also enjoy a having a meal of some kind on the Saturday night in Bath, which will be paid for, and then enjoy the city – not too much though, as you’ll need to be cycling 80 miles back the next day with an early start.

The cost includes lunches, accommodation (bed and breakfast, two to a room) and support. You will be expected to fix punctures, but there will be a support car and the ability to fix various bike issues. We’d suggest a good old service before the ride though.

Around £50 of your entry fee will be going to the charities, and we would also ask that you raise additional money.

To Find out much more go to their wesbite