50:50 Prizewinners

50:50 Club December Prizewinners 2021

Our final prizewinners of 2021!


1st Prize   N Ward

2nd Prize  A Finney

3rd Prize  I Hunter


Thanks to all who participated during 2021.

50:50 Club November 2021 Prizewinners

We are once again delighted to announce this months winner of the 50:50 club draw


1st Prize   K Croombs

2nd Prize  Mr & Mrs Bigg

3rd Prize  C Huggett


Good luck for next months draw!

50:50 Club Winners October 2021

The Winners of the October draw are:


1st   B Huntingdon

2nd  J White

3rd    J Ricketts


Congratulations to everyone!

50:50 Club August 2021 Prizewinners

We are in August already and we have another set of lucky winners in our 50:50 Club prize draw


1st Prize      A Chuter


20nd Prize   R Taylor


3rd Prize     N Ward


Why not join us in our 50:50 club by contacting us on info@arkcancercharity.org.uk and we can show you how easy it is to join up and enter our prize draw.

50:50 Club July 2021 Prizewinners

We are delighted to announce the winners for the July 50:50 Club Winner


1st Prize     Mr & Mrs Dougal


2nd Prize    S Allen


3rd Prize    M Dolby


Good luck to evereyone for August prize draw.

50:50 Club June 2021 Prizewinners

Here are our lucky winners of the 50:50 Club for June.


1st Prize   I Hunter

2nd Prize  K Searle

3rd Prize   D Pink


Good luck to everyone for July's draw!

50:50 Club April 2021 Prizewinners

Congratulations to the winners for April - We hope that this brightened your month.

1st Prizewinner      A Routledge

2nd Prizewinner    K Kiernan

3rd Prizewinner    M Underdown

Wishing everyone good luck for the May draw!

50:50 Club May 2021 Prizewinners

We are pleased to announce the Winners of our May draw


1st Prize    L  Hurry

2nd Prize   D Gray

3rd Prize    J White



Congratulations to our winners

50:50 Club January 2020 Prizewinners

Its a new year and we are delighted to announce our first three winners of January's 50:50 Club Prize Draw.

Should you wish to take part in our 50:50 Club during this year please make contact with us and we can arrange for the  form to be completed.  For only £5 per number each month you have a chance to be added into our monthly draw.

So kicking off 2021

Our Prize Winners are:

1st Prize     I Hunter

2nd Prize   L Brinsdon

3rd Prize   K Coombs


50:50 Club July 2019 Prizewinners

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the 50:50 club prize draw in July.


Our Prizewinners are:


1st Prize    Debbie Cooke

2nd Prize   David Gray

3rd Prize    A Grimston


Congratulations to those who took part this month- Good luck to everyone for next month.