50:50 club Prizewinners

50:50 Club June 2019 Prizewinners

Join us each month for our 50:50 club draw and a chance to win cash prizes while helping support Ark Cancer Centre Charity at the same time.

Would you like to support our Charity and have the chance to win a monthly cash prize? Do something different and sign up to join.

50:50 Club May 2019 Prizewinners

Thank you to everyone who has become a member recently of the 50:50 Club, making regular donations to the Charity.  Having the added bonus of a chance to win a prize every month.  Check here every month to find out who has won.

(All Winners will be notified by post)


This Month's Prizewinners are:


1st Prize - Diana & Malcolm Dougal

2nd Prize - Sharon Allen

3rd Prize - Susan Eileen Hill

Congratulation to the winners and good luck to everyone next month.



50:50 Club April 2019

Thank you to all of you who had been making a regular donation to the Charity by supporting the 50:50 club.


Our lucky Winners for April are:

1st Prize   -  June White

2nd Prize -   Inge Hunter

3rd Prize  -  Nick Ward


Congratulations to all our winner this month. There is still time to join for Junes draw. Contact us today to find out more.

50:50 Club March 2019 Prizewinners

Thank you to all  who entered the 50:50 prize draw during march.

This months Prizewinners are:-


1st Prize  - Susan Brennan

2nd Prize - Kevin Kiernan

3rd Prize - Peter Murphy


Congratulations to the March winners and good luck to those in April.

50:50 Club February 2019 Prizewinners

Some members have had a great start to 2019 by winning cash prizes from the 50:50 Prize draw.

Don't forget that each month the 50:50 club prize draw is open to all who wish to participate by making a regular donation each month and having a chance of winning a prize.


This months lucky winners are:

1st Prize   -  Rosemarie Taylor

2nd Prize  -  Peter Murphy

3rd Prize  -  Sheila Lowe


Congratulations to our winners and good luck everyone for next month.

50:50 Club January 2019 Prizewinners

Welcome to 2019!  The first group of Prizewinners for this year are as follows:


1st Prize -    Andrew Finney

2nd Prize  - Louise Funnell

3rd Prize -  Christine Keith


The 50:50 club is a fun way to support our charity and also have a chance to win a prize. Its very easy to play. 

The 50/50  Club  odds of winning are different with every draw, so the prize amount depends on how many people are playing and the size of the prize pool. The more numbers you buy for a draw(£5 per number), the more chances you have to win!

50:50 Club December 2018 Prizewinners

The last draw of 2018 - Our December Prizewinners are as below:-


1st Prize -  Julian Sheffield

2nd Prize - David Gray

3rd Prize - Katherine Baker


Thank you to everyone who has become a member of the 50:50 Club this year.  Making regular donations to the Charity is a great way of supporting us and also having the added bonus of the chance you may win a prize each month.

Check back next month to find out who has won. (All winners will be notified by post).

50:50 Club November 2018 Prizewinners

Our November lucky Prizewinners of the 50:50 club are:


1st Prize -   Patrick Cornelius

2nd Prize - Beverley Sturdy

3rd Prize -  Lady Hayter


Welcome to all our new 50:50 Club members who have joined recently- we wish you luck for next months draw

50:50 Club October 2018 Prizewinners

Here are Octobers lucky Prizewinners of this months 50:50 draw:-


1st Prize - Donna Pink

2nd Prize - Lisa Hurry

3rd Prize - Mr  Mrs Bigg


Congratulation to our lucky winners - and wishing you all lots of luck for next months draw

50:50 Club September 2018 Prizewinners

Thank you to everyone who has joined us recently.

This month's prizewinners are:


1st Prize  -  Julie McVinney

2nd Prize -  Mark Dolby

3rd Prize -  Alison Grimston


Congratulations to our winners, and good luck to you all for next month!