Susie is on top of the world after Himalayan trek

Super Susie Webster has reached new heights for Ark Cancer Centre Charity after completing an awesome Himalayan trekking challenge.

Mother-of-three Susie was part of a 15-strong group who last month hiked through the Solu Khumba in Nepal, from Lukla to Renjo La Pass – walking between six and eight hours a day at altitude in testing conditions.

Susie, who was treated for breast cancer two years ago, took on the massive personal challenge because she wanted people to see what cancer survivors can achieve – and she was also keen to help future cancer patients, and their loved ones, by raising as much money as possible for Ark Cancer Centre Charity and the new NHS cancer treatment centre it is helping to fund.

“This trek was the experience, and challenge, of a lifetime,” said Susie. “I was amazed by how similar the experience was to how I felt, physically and mentally, when I was undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

“There were times on the trek when it was so tough that I felt like I couldn’t keep going, but I had great support from the team leading us, and my fellow hikers, and I was determined to stay focused on achieving my goal.

“The thought that so many people will benefit from the new cancer treatment centre also made me determined to keep going and to reach the summit.”

Susie enjoyed spectacular views of the Himalayan mountains, including Mount Everest, on her journey, but she is in no doubt as to what was the stand-out moment.

“The most emotional moment came when we reached the summit of Renjo-la Pass, the highest point of the journey at nearly 18,000 feet above sea level,” she said. “We were all in tears – but they were happy tears – and we were all hugging each other.

“Reaching that point marked the summit of a journey that, for me, had started two years ago when I decided that I would take on a challenge like this once I had completed my cancer treatment and was able to get fit enough.

“I had the offer to take on a similar challenge shortly before I learned that I had been diagnosed with breast cancer, so missing out on that occasion meant completing this journey was even more significant to me.

“The memories that I have come home with are incredible, and how I felt on top of the Renjo-la Pass summit is definitely something I will never forget.”

HR administrator Susie, who is 60 and lives in Beech, self-funded her trip, and she is delighted that the generous backing of supporters means she is on target to hit her £2,000 fundraising goal.

“I am so grateful for the support I have received, and I look forward to sharing the story of my experiences,” said Susie. “I hope that what I have achieved will help, and encourage, others who are going through, or have gone through, cancer treatment.”

Mark Jones, director of fundraising and communications for Ark Cancer Centre Charity, said: “Congratulations to Susie – a truly amazing and inspirational lady. Ark is proud and honoured that she took on this daunting challenge to support the charity and the cancer treatment centre project.  

“Thanks to everyone who has given Susie the sponsorship support that she so richly deserves. Not only does her achievement make a difference to Ark’s £5million appeal, but her story will give hope, positivity and encouragement to so many people."

Anyone who wants to sponsor Susie can still do so by going to her fundraising page at

Picture caption: Susie, right, and one of her fellow hikers celebrate reaching the summit of Renjo-la Pass