Half-Marathon heroes go the extra mile for Ark

They will certainly be feeling it today, but many congratulations to the more than 50 runners who completed the Basingstoke Half-Marathon in support of Ark Cancer Centre Charity.

A 50-strong team from Basingstoke Half-Marathon headline sponsor Phillips Solicitors and a three-strong team from fellow Our Partner Ark Cancer Centre Charity supporters Clarke & Son Solicitors went the extra 13.1 miles for Ark.

Both sets of runners have been fundraising through The Good Exchange, meaning that every pound they are sponsored will be match-funded by Greenham Common Trust.

The good news is that all the Ark-supporting runners who started the race made it across the finish line - and the running fundraising total, with match-funding, has now topped £3,000.

As quite a lot of donations tend to come in post-race, it is hoped that the final fundraising figure will rise over the coming days.

Merv Rees, Ark Cancer Centre Charity trustee, said: “Ark is grateful to the runners in the Phillips Solicitors and Clarke & Son Solicitors teams for this great show of support. Congratulations to all of them for going the extra mile, and then some, to help Ark.

“Every pound counts towards Ark’s £5million fundraising goal, and will help to fund the much-needed new cancer treatment centre, and every pound donated through The Good Exchange portal is doubled thanks to Greenham's great match-funding support.

“Well done to all of the half-marathon runners, and thanks to them and their sponsors for their support for Ark – every pound raised makes a difference.”