#Free2DoGood - Thanks for your support

YOU can do good by fundraising for free – that’s the message of Ark Cancer Centre Charity's #Free2DoGood campaign.

In these challenging times, Ark is grateful for the wonderful backing it is receiving from its supporters – and now we are hoping that current and new supporters will pitch in to support the charity by doing things that will cost nothing more than a little time and effort but will make a massive difference to the charity.

Our #Free2DoGood campaign lists ways in which people can recycle items, including unloved clothes, and provide other free fundraising support for Ark.

How you can help:

Thanks to all our supporters who help and support Ark through #Free2DoGood - and over the coming weeks, we will be focusing on more ways that individual and business supporters can help Ark help and support cancer patients and their loved ones through free fundraising.