Find the World Cup 'Basingstones' and help Ark

The World Cup starts this week – and Ark Cancer Centre Charity supporter Kevin White has come up with a fun treasure hunt idea that is a real winner.

Kevin, director of Fortem Financial Education, has painted 11 stones in the flags and names of World Cup teams and he and his team of helpers have hidden them in 11 different locations around Basingstoke.

When each stone is found and returned to Kevin’s company, which is based at Worting House, the finder will receive a £5 prize and £25 will then be donated by Fortem Financial Education – which provides financial education to companies, sports clubs, schools, social clubs and individuals – to Ark.

Kevin plans to keep the treasure hunt going for the duration of the World Cup, which runs from June 14 to July 15, so once a stone is found and returned to Fortem, it will be put back on the field of play, so to speak, in a new location.

Kevin, who has supported Ark at many local events, said: “I thought that creating this World Cup ‘Basingstones’ treasure trail would be good fun and a great way to further support Ark.

“We are putting the stones in places where hopefully children will be the most likely to find them and they can then claim the prize. We will also give each finder a certificate which says they have helped to donate to Ark.”

Each stone tells the finder how to claim their prize – and the first two have already been found and returned to Worting House.

Many thanks to Kevin for coming up with this fun way to celebrate the World Cup and help Ark at the same time. We are all looking forward to seeing how many ‘Basingstones’ winners there will be by the end of the World Cup.”