50:50 Club

Do you wish you could support your local charity more?

Do you enjoy a ‘flutter’ every now and again?

Well, now you can do it all by joining our 50-50 Club!

Your £5 monthly pledge towards our £5million target through the 50:50 Club could win you a prize. Join today.

How does it work?

You pay a fixed amount in monthly units to our 50-50 Club.  For every £5 (per unit) you spend, 50%  of the proceeds goes to The Ark Cancer Charity to support the fundraising for the Cancer treatment centre and the remaining 50% is given as prize money in our monthly draw, open to 50-50 Club members only!

The more 50-50 Club members we have, the more money goes into the charity and the more money we have available to give out as monthly prizes.

To enter our monthly draw, simply download this form and decide how much you would like to pay each month. Once we have received your form, we will allocate your unique number(s). You can have as many unique numbers as you like - each number is £5. (You must be over 16 and you can stop whenever you choose)

How does Ark Cancer Centre Charity benefit?

Every Month the members of the club pay their subscriptions by standing order.  Half of the income will go to the 'Ark Cancer Charity' and the other half to the prize fund, hence the name 50:50. Each month there is a prize draw with three prizes. The more members we have, the bigger the prize fund and the more charitable donations are received towards our £5million target.

How can you win?

Three winning numbers will be picked at random on the last working day of each month. 

For example, if the prize fund is £500 it's split as follows: 1st prize: £300; 2nd prize: £150; 3rd prize: £50

Each chance costs £5 per month, and you can put in as much as you would like. The more you put in the more chances you have to win a prize!

It really is that simple to help us and be in with a chance to win a cash prize every month. So to join today all you need to do is to sign up and send your completed form to us here at;

Ark Cancer Centre Charity, Dinwoodie Drive, Basingstoke, RG24 9NN.

We will pass it on to your bank and as soon as you start paying, you could win!