Ark Cancer Charity can bank on great support from Centerprise

ARK Cancer Charity has always been able to bank on great support from the fabulous team at award-winning Centerprise International – and now they have taken their backing for the good cause to a new level.

Staff at Centerprise International, based on the Hampshire International Business Park, in Chineham, are long-standing supporters of Ark’s mission to raise money towards supportive care and services in the new Wellbeing centre in the Basingstoke area.

While the Cancer Centre will be part of the new hospital to be built in the Basingstoke area by the end of the decade, Ark has already funded a new Wellbeing Centre in the existing Radiotherapy Unit at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital.

As well as funding the counselling and therapy rooms, Ark is supporting Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (HHFT) staff to deliver enhanced care and support for cancer patients and their loved ones, above and beyond what the NHS can afford to provide.


Centerprise International, which has been dedicated to helping public and private sector organisations succeed with industry-leading technology solutions for nearly 40 years, has sponsored Ark-related events and staff have raised thousands of pounds since the charity was founded in 2012.

Rafi Razzak, chairman of Centerprise International, said: “We are proud and delighted to back Ark’s campaign to help and support cancer patients and their loved ones.

“Hosting a recycling bank is a free, simple and effective way to support Ark and raise further funds. Every bag of recycled clothes, textiles or shoes that our staff deposit in the bank adds up to more money for Ark.

“As 99 per cent of the items put in the banks are recycled, this is a win-win for the charity, the environment, and Centerprise International’s mission as a company that makes a positive difference to the local communities where we are based.”


The recycling banks are installed and managed by Bag It Up (BIU) Group. Ark has nearly 50 recycling banks in and around the Basingstoke area, and they have delivered a fundraising lifeline to the charity during the COVID-19 pandemic as supporters have ramped up their recycling at a time when public-facing events have declined.


It was in 2016 that Ark became a charity partner of BIU Group – one of the UK’s leading clothing and textile recycling companies.

The partnership means Ark is among BIU’s charity partners to benefit from a percentage of the proceeds when residents, businesses and community groups recycle their unwanted clothing, textiles and shoes in Ark-branded BIU recycling banks in Hampshire.

In 2020 and 2021, items recycled in the local banks resulted in a total of nearly £110,000 being raised for Ark.


Merv Rees, Ark Cancer Charity trustee and renowned HHFT liver cancer surgeon, said: “Thank you so much to Rafi and all at Centerprise International for this wonderful show of support. I hope that other Ark Corporate Partners past, present and future will follow their lead and host a recycling bank. It is a small way to make a big difference.”

Would your company be able to host a clothing bank at their premises in Basingstoke?  If so please contact T: 01256360419 

You can find your nearest Ark-branded recycling bank by checking out the location map at

Picture caption: Centerprise International staff put the first bags into the new clothes, textiles and shoe recycling bank at their Chineham premisesopr