50:50 Club October Prizewinners 2019

An outline of the club

  • The 50;50 Club is open to supporters, their families and friends.
  • The cost of numbers to be entered into the monthly draw will be £5 per number
  • Participants must be over 16.
  • Payment must be paid by standing order for the monthly payment.
  • Payment must be received on or before the 15th day of the month in which the draw is taking place.
  • Participants may purchase one or more numbers.
  • 50% of all income after expenses will be paid out as prizes.
  • The prizes will therefore depend on the number of participants.

Should you wish to  know any further infotmation regarding the 50:50 club, please contact us.


The Winners of this months draw are:

1st Prize  C Hurst-Brown

2nd Prize K Baker

3rd Prize  H Ogus


Congratulations to the winners.