5 K Your Way

 5K Your Way is an excellent way to not only exercise and get some valued fresh air but also to meet new people.  Jaana Jefferies our new Macmillan Support Care Lead for Ark Cancer Charity is keen to get everyone fit to fight cancer!  Jaana is hoping that you will be able to join her and attend a session at some point, they happen on the last Saturday of every month alongside the ParkRun. The next on is on the 25th September at Basingstoke War Memorial Park.


The group are really lovely and very supportive. Running is absolutely not expected. The vast majority of the group walk the 5Km route. If you wanted to try a run then there are people there to support you every step of the way. You are never alone.


It’s a lovely way to meet amazing people supporting others in the local community affected by cancer, as well as people living with or beyond cancer.


…and there is always a drink and cake afterwards! A small donation of £2 is always welcome.


Please spread the word.


See the link below to register (for both ParkRun and for 5K Your Way) and for directions to an alternative place to park if needs be.


Looking forward to seeing you there one of these days.