De La Rue

De La Rue kick off Ark fundraising for 2018-19

Staff at De La Rue have held the first of their fundraising events in support of Ark for 2018-19.

The Summer Picnic event, which took place in 'The Street' of De La Rue's Viables headquarters, saw many of the 500-strong team come along to buy books, plants and take part in a raffle, with all of the proceeds raised going to Ark.

Ark was chosen as the De La Rue head office Charity of the Year for 2018-19 following a staff vote, and the charity is delighted to have received this significant show of support.

De La Rue choose Ark as 2018-19 Charity of the Year

Delighted to announce that after a staff vote, the lovely people at De La Rue head office in Basingstoke have chosen Ark Cancer Centre Charity as their charity of the year for 2018-19.

Thank you so much to bid writer Alison Reijman for the nomination, and to all those who voted for Ark - your support is much appreciated.