Sitting With Jane

Following a sale out of all tickets for the event- Twenty-two BookBench lots were sold for a total of £95,750 – and 75 per cent of the proceeds will go to Ark Cancer Centre Charity, leaving a lasting legacy that will help and support cancer patients and their families as Ark is raising £5million towards a unique local NHS cancer treatment centre that will be built in the Basingstoke area.

Merv Rees, Ark Cancer Centre Charity trustee, was delighted with the outcome of the auction, which took place at The Ark Conference Centre last Friday night (Sept 15), and thanked everyone who has been involved in making Sitting With Jane such a success.

He said: “Sitting With Jane has attracted a great deal of attention locally, nationally and internationally – and now the charity auction has delivered a superb final chapter.

“The amount of money raised for the charity – more than £70,000 – is a great outcome for the cancer patients and their loved ones who will be helped and supported by the new centre, which will be a beacon of hope.

A special thanks go to Destnation Basingstoke who delivered this successful project through the summer and kindly donated the benches to the Charity in order for us to auction and raise funds, and to the Sponsors.  Who had faith in the project from the beginning.

Jane Devonshire 'SittingWithJane'